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Interested in joining us in Pretoria?

LabHack 2022 will be hosted at the CSIR in Pretoria from 10th to the 11th of December. If you are interested in applying, please check out the steps below and fill in this form.

LabHack 2022 is a proud collaboration with NEPAD-SANBio.

Participation certificates will be awarded to all teams, and prizes are available for best build, most frugal design and most innovative prototype.

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Suggested team steps

1. Assemble your team

Your team members don't need to be from the same university, but they all need to be undergraduate (or honours) students. We like teams that are multi-disciplinary, so please try to get team members from different departments!

2. Plan your strategy

Once you have registered your team using the form above, it's time to plan your strategy. Look around your environment to see what you can use to build your machine. In the past we've had a PCR machine made from re-enforced cardboard, a centrifuge made from the metal of a salvaged car door, and a centrifuge using a toy car motor. Be creative! Remember, you have up to $80 to spend on hardware as well as an Arduino to programme.

3. Connect

Once we have the teams registered we will open up a discussion forum as well as try to connect you to mentors in the Open Hardware communities, such as AfricaOSH (Open Science Hardware). Keep checking the website for updates.

4. Plan your visit

LabHack will take place on Saturday/Sunday the 10th and 11th of December in Pretoria. We know that some of you will be travelling from far away, so it may be that you need to arrive on the Friday. Over the weekend we will have lectures and booths from industry and Open Hardware enthusiasts, so plan to be busy! We will also have a social braai for LabHack-ers on the Saturday night.


For more information about LabHack please contact us via email or on social media

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